Eulogy To Amber
by Ryan Bryson

Amber was my sister. When I remember her today there are many words I can think of that describe her, but there are 3 in particular that come to mind - Beautiful, Strong, and Loving.

The dictionary says beautiful means having qualities of beauty: exciting aesthetic pleasure or generally pleasing. This is what my sister was. She was beautiful. She was the girl the other girls wanted to be. And the boys wanted to be with. Just ask my friends. I don't know how many times I heard my friends say, Hey do you think I have a chance with your sister? Even though that got annoying, I was always proud that she was my sister. Maybe God took her from us because he wanted to be closer to her. But because she was taken so early from us we get the chance to remember her always as beautiful as she was.

My sister was also strong. Strong can mean many things having or marked by great physical power striking or superior of its kind showing power to resist or to endure this was also my sister. She was strong. My sister was a rock, a place of refuge. Even though my sister and I fought all the time, she was always there when I needed her. If I didn't have enough money to buy my mom a birthday present she was there to help me out. If some big guy was picking on me she would stand up to him for me, and no matter how big the guy was she could send him away in tears if she had to. She seemed to know what to do in almost every situation. She was definitely one of the strongest people I have ever known. I remember one time at Great America we were getting on a ride and a girl who just got off tried to get back on in my sister's spot. My sister grabbed the harness thing and held it up not letting the girl pull it down until the people who worked there made the girl leave. My girlfriend at the time was with us and she said, Dang your sister is a Badass. I don't know a better way to put it because that's exactly what she was.

My sister was also strong in athletics. She could do anything, from basketball to volleyball to track. She was even good at bowling.  She could do it all and she did. She also loved to ride my grandma's horses and she was a natural rider. But if there was one thing my sister loved to do it was shop. If there is a shopping mall in heaven then I am sure my sister is there right now.

My sister was also loving. The dictionary says love is to hold dear or cherish. My sister was very loving. She loved animals a lot and always had or wanted a new pet. My mom said when my sister was little she said she was going to grow up and be rich and have lots and lots of kitties. She got the chance to have a cat a couple of years ago. Unfortunately like my sister its life was taken short. But my sister loved it no matter how sick it got or what happened to it. She cried when it died like we are crying for her today. It is nice to know that she is able to reunite with the pet she loved so much.

My sister also loved my mom. They have been through so much together. She was my mom's best friend and they did everything together. And even though I lost a great sister I can't imagine what it would be like to lose a daughter and a best friend.

My sister also loved Chris. He was the love of her life and they were going to spend their lives together. I know that my sister loved Chris but I just want to thank Chris for loving my sister.

My sister also loved me. And even though we didn't say it that often to each other we both knew we loved each other. I know that she always watched out for me and even though she is gone I know she will still be looking out for me from above.

My sister is gone but she won't ever be forgotten.



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